Maura Eldridge, Omnicare Consultant Pharmacist talking to a woman in a wheelchair

Clinical Intervention Center

Our CICs work to reduce therapy interruptions due to insurance rejections to ensure optimal health outcomes.

These numbers tell the story

Omnicare’s CIC team manages rejections by recommending a covered alternative medication or by working with prescribers and insurance companies to reconcile prior authorizations. In the past five years, the CIC has sent over 1,550,000 covered alternative recommendations to prescribers and completed over 800,000 prior authorizations. That’s more than 850 covered alternatives and 440 prior authorizations a day! We can bring this model to your facility to help reduce the time and stress of managing prior authorizations and rejections.

Reduce costs, decrease risk, optimize outcomes

Our generics-first approach helps to reduce costs by identifying and recommending lower-cost alternatives for brand-name drugs. The CIC team also reviews high-risk medications to ensure they are dosed appropriately and given only when necessary.

And Omnicare’s team of geriatric pharmacy specialists carefully tailors their recommendations to optimize the health outcomes of your residents, reducing overall risk for them and your facility.

On-site expert pharmacy guidance

Both residents and staff benefit from on-site formulary clinicians who take the time to discover the unique needs of your facility. They work to help manage reimbursement, identify generic alternatives, and resolve clinical rejections. This contributes to a decrease in interruptions to therapy, improved patient outcomes and reduced stress on facility staff.

Your consultant pharmacist will help in navigating state and federal regulatory requirements, as well as survey preparation and support. By partnering with on-site clinicians, facility staff can focus on improving the quality of care, safety and health of residents.  

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