PDPM (Patient driven payment model)

Omnicare’s full set of comprehensive tools can help ensure your facility is on track with PDPM requirements.

Maximize value & minimize risk

Our consultant pharmacists can provide reporting that can help the facility manage PDPM.

  • Drug utilization and cost management 
  • Medication Reviews to help assure appropriate diagnosis for each medication
  • Awareness of potentially unnecessary drugs upon admission
  • Assistance with infusion program development
  • Quality Assurance for the facility’s QAP program

A full spectrum of support and expertise

Your facility is complex and our consultant pharmacists are ready to provide guidance, education and information to help you navigate new PDPM requirements.

From infusion therapy support services to deprescribing algorithms and guidelines, your facility will benefit from the support of our pharmacy experts. Cost containment is addressed through admission preview screening, formulary quarterly reporting and review of the high-cost medication list. And Omnicare offers education on the clinical topics and patient-centered care that are imperative to PDPM success.

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