Transitions of care

A partnership with Omnicare eases care transition complexities and helps avoid readmissions and poor resident outcomes.

Supporting each phase of the patient journey

Each stage in a patient’s care comes with stress and uncertainty. Your facility and staff can ease patient concerns by partnering with Omnicare’s team of consultant pharmacists, who draw on a wide array of tools and resources to help smooth the transition from hospital to care facility to home. They can provide patient medications upon admission and make recommendations to prescribers. Our Readmission Risk Reduction Tools customize clinical reporting for your facility, to identify and reduce risk of hospital readmission.

When the time comes for the patient to be discharged to their home, a comprehensive home care plan helps to improves medication adherence through refill reminder and scheduling tools.

Ready at every step

  • Pre-admission tools and assessments help facilities prepare for patient arrival and access data ahead of admission 
  • Clinical services optimize patient care, identify risk and help provide better patient health outcomes 
  • Discharge planning tools support facility staff while continuity of care services ease the transition home for patients 

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