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At Omnicare®, we provide enriching career opportunities for people with a wide range of skills. In addition to our pharmacy operations, we offer a variety of other career paths.

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We’re committed to providing employees with plenty of opportunities on a range of paths, including: research, management, technology development and support, sales and administrative assistance — with professional development as well. We employ people at all career levels, those employees receive a competitive salary and benefits package. 

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Thrive in our culture

We believe our employees — much like our customers, partners and investors — are shareholders in our mission, and, we value each member of our team. We’re compassionate about our employees, our customers and our industry. And we’re tirelessly committed to success: we provide career development whenever and whenever possible.

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Discover the benefits

We value our employees and ensure our benefits program is both competitive and tailored to meet your needs. That’s why we provide a package of benefits that respects your health needs, your personal time and your retirement savings. We offer:

  • Competitive pay for performance 
  • Medical, dental, prescription & vision coverage
  • Select MinuteClinic® wellness services at no cost:
    • Comprehensive health screenings
    • Weight-loss guidance 
    • Smoking cessation programs
    • Annual flu shots
  • Wellness programs & incentives 
  • Future Fund 401 (k) plan
  • Employee Stock Purchase Program
  • Long- & short-term disability insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Lifescope for your employee assistance program
  • Educational assistance program
  • Employee discount program 

Start your future here

We pride ourselves on building and maintaining strong relationships with colleges and universities. Our University Relations department serves to provide valuable information to students at college activities and career events across the U.S. and Canada.

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Internship opportunities & benefits

Committed to helping students further their education, we help them gain real-world work experience and training. Students can explore careers, network and gain exposure to senior leadership.

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