Achieve the maximum in financial value, together

Wendy applies her experience to find solutions to the financial challenges Tom needs to meet.

Wendy Outland, Omnicare Account Manager, smiling at a person across the desk from her.
Wendy Outland, Omnicare Account Manager, smiling at a person across the desk from her.

Wendy and Tom talk about financial tools.

Our account managers, like Wendy, know working with their partners to achieve significant cost savings helps forge successful relationships. To help meet financial goals, we offer services with a low cost-to-fill model, generics and more.

They told us more about how they partner to find solutions to the challenges at a busy care facility.  

Wendy Outland and Tom Orsini talking

Tom, what’s the key thing you rely on Wendy for, to support your work?

Knowing that all the right patients are getting the right meds at the right time at the right dose — that’s a big thing that I don’t have to worry about, knowing that the bill I’m being charged is fair, and with the stability of having Wendy there.

And how do you build that confidence in your customer, Wendy?

Tom knows that if he has a problem, I’m dependable and accessible and very knowledgeable about the business. So I’m a great partner for them, whether it be financial or pharmacy services or education. Whatever they might need.

Is there a particular quality that convinced you, Tom, that Wendy was invested in the success of Lake Taylor?

She will address whatever the problem is, no matter where the problem originates. That’s what struck me with her. Not a lot of account managers will do that. That’s what showed me that she really wants to get the right results for the patients.

Of all the improvements you’ve helped to implement, which stands out to you, Wendy?

There’s a high-dollar drug that the facility uses. We realized it was wasting a lot of money because those products aren’t returnable. So, we now get a report after the doctor has done his rounds, and we dispense every Thursday instead. When we implemented this, it saved a lot for the facility on just that one product.

Anything you’d add to that, Tom?

Wendy treats us like the individual client that we are, and is always suggesting efficiencies, cost savings where we can have them, to keep us as a good customer and as a partner in being able to provide a service to these patients.