Operational transformation

Learn about our focused approach to providing superior service through customized best practices and pharmacy innovations.

A holistic approach to improvement

We work continuously to make our tools, process and support system better for your facility and staff. Taking a hands-on approach to tailored best practices, we rely on your feedback to better understand how we can improve our partnership. Through better communication, we’re able to identify opportunities for improvement and take measurable steps to accomplish them.

Omnicare has built a suite of tools and resources that can help to make medication management more efficient, giving time back to your staff for resident care. Reducing steps and time spent on prior authorizations, intake and discharge, refills and rejections, can contribute to a more reliable  pharmacy practice and a more productive and motivated staff.

Building blocks for success

  • Measurable reduction in prior authorization turnaround time 
  • Order entry and intake optimization 
  • Reduced insurance issues from inaccurate or missing information 
  • Customer-focused replenishment
  • Decrease in disputed charges and claims after discharge 
  • Manage cost and prevent delays by reducing Refill Too Soon rejections
  • Enhanced pharmacist verification increases patient safety

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