Increase compliance and ensure residents get the right medications at the right time with our enhanced MultiDose packaging technology.

A week’s medication in a convenient, compact booklet 

Our MultiDose packaging provides a resident’s weekly maintenance medication regimen in a safe and compliant format. Designed with resident safety in mind, the color-coded med pass times guide the user to the correct medication. Each booklet contains a week’s regimen of medication, including a morning, afternoon, evening and bedtime med pass for each day of the week. Pill images, along with a description, enable proper med identification.

Benefits for residents and staff

  • Enhance safety with color-coded med pass times 
  • High-resolution pill images and descriptions enable med identification
  • Decrease time spent on med pass, by 35% in one study
  • Packaging designed for easy administration 
  • Point-of-care verification for eMAR 

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