Increase efficiencies through technology and staff support

Peggy and Jim work together to provide staff with technology and tools that help increase workload efficiency and elevate care.

Peggy Joyce and Jim Andros in conference
Peggy Joyce and Jim Andros in conference

Peggy and Jim talk about tools and support.

Residential care, done right, takes a lot of effort, dedication and know-how. And it requires teams of special people working to make solid, dependable and safe nursing support feel warm and caring. As an Omnicare® account manager, Jim brings years of expertise, along with a lot of heart, when he teams up with Peggy, VP of Clinical Services at the Whitney Center, to make all of that possible. 

They shared their story of building a better staff-support toolbox through collaboration, hard work and a bit of imagination. 

Peggy Joyce and Jim Andros talk in a hallway.

Peggy, what springs to mind when you think about Omnicare and Jim’s contribution to your facility?

Just as I took over … I reached out to Jim and kind of said, ‘Help!’ And he was here the next day. You can't put a value on that…. He's always been extremely helpful and has always cared about Whitney Center and our success, not only their (Omnicare’s) success, and I think that's what does set them apart.

How does your role in Omnicare provide support for Peggy and her team?

One of the biggest things with the health care facilities … is that there isn’t enough time in the day to do everything they can do. So, I help them become more efficient, so that they can spend their time with the residents, more than doing mundane tasks.

And what tools did Jim bring in from Omnicare that helped you reach that goal of workload efficiency, Peggy?

Sometimes people don’t think we can compete with some of these larger nursing homes, but being small also gives you the great advantage of being very personal and focused on each individual. So adding the Omnicell was a huge boost for us. There was just a lot of manual labor involved in the old system that now is all done automatically for us.

The core of what I do, is really making sure the medication is getting to the right person at the right place, at the right time. Omniview is helping them help themselves.

I think Omnicell was a big bonus. In the past, if we didn’t have a medication in the emergency box, which only contains a few, we would have to wait for that med to be delivered. Even if the order is stat, it still took a couple of hours. So, now we have immediate access with Omnicell. We have better efficiencies.