Infusion services & education

Our tools and programs are designed to help you admit and care for clinically complex residents safely and effectively. 

Help staff manage infusion residents with confidence 

  • Our comprehensive Infusion Therapy Program is designed to help achieve successful outcomes
  • Omnicare’s Nurses’ Infusion Therapy Procedure Manual promotes the best clinical practices of infusion therapy
  • Infusion therapy skills validation tools are aligned with policies and procedures to provide documentation of demonstrated competencies
  • All Infusion therapy education programs are available in both live and Hybrid eLearning formats
  • Infusion therapy physician order sheets promote accuracy and help simplify complex infusion orders

From basic to advanced, experiential and e-learning instruction

Omnicare’s Infusion Education programs range from the foundational Essentials of Infusion Therapy, a two-day comprehensive course that covers aspects of infusion therapy, to advanced instruction on a variety of topics including IV Push Medication Administration, Total Parenteral Nutrition, Hypodermoclysis and Pain Management.  

eLearning Programs for Infusion Therapy

This program combines online video education with facility-based experiential education. Nursing staff can manage the pace and timing while advancing their skills. For facilities, the benefits include expanding the number of nurses trained without reducing staff availability. Online learning eliminates travel time and cost, making it convenient for nurses and efficient for the facility. Course offerings range from comprehensive infusion therapy to specialized training in pain management and parenteral nutrition.   

Now offering Continuing Education credits to fulfill state requirements

Upskill your facility’s nurses while investing in their careers. The Omnicare premier Infusion Education program now offers Continuing Education credits for nurses to fulfill state requirements.* Every year, our premier program provides hands-on training to over 16,000 nurses, allowing their facilities to admit patients with more clinically complex needs.  

Highlights of our Continuing Education credit offerings include 

  • A broad suite of courses aimed to help nurses expand their knowledge in key areas 

  • Nurse educators with extensive training teaching the leading-edge of infusion best practices 

  • Live and hybrid eLearning options to fit nurses’ busy schedules without sacrificing educational quality 

*All programs have been approved for contact hours for continuing education by the Ohio Board of Nursing through the Ohio Board of Nursing approver unit at Omnicare of Northwest Ohio Continuing Education Program. #OBN-009-93  

California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider #14215 

Florida Board of Nursing Provider #50-198 

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