A commitment to service excellence

Omnicare is the market leader in LTC pharmacy services with a focused approach to providing superior service.

An Omnicare representative looking at a workstation screen with a facility staff
An Omnicare representative looking at a workstation screen with a facility staff

Doing what it takes to bring operational excellence.

Nursing staff, physicians and prescribers are always looking to have more of their time spent directly caring for residents — and less time performing administrative duties that are a distraction from delivering one-on-one care. At Omnicare, we recognize that need, and have created several unique tools and services to help.

We listened to customer feedback, invested in our people, processes and technology, to improve communication and service, and ease the everyday for facility and community staff.

Maura Eldridge, Omnicare Consultant Pharmacist talking to a woman in a wheelchair

Discover our hands-on approach to tailored best practices

Our approach takes your feedback to better understand how we can improve upon our partnership. “At Omnicare, we’ve streamlined prior authorizations through collaborative practice, re-engineered convenient multidose packaging drug delivery systems, strengthened supply chain management and expanded automation of new and refill medication orders, all while enhancing quality and patient safety,” says Nancy Losben, RPh, CCP, FASCP, CG, senior director of quality.

Streamline authorizations, realize greater staff efficiency

Our pharmacy team is dedicated to providing you support that’s both customized and efficient so the needs of your facility or community, staff, and residents are all supported. “We’ve gone from the entire process taking weeks to now just days, and maybe hours, with the addition of electronic prior authorizations,” says Kathleen Beitzel, senior director of pharmacy support services.

Experience improved communication and service

As your pharmacy partner, we strive to continuously improve our level of communication and service. Our innovative tools and resources help identify opportunities for improvement and take measurable steps to accomplish them. “We have a variety of approaches that trickle down to the end user. Your patient’s going to be adherent, and, together, we’re able to give them the best support possible,” says Pamela Brown, senior manager of automation internal operations.

Increase on-time and completed orders

The Pharmacy Health Scorecard measures our on-time and completed order percentages by pharmacy. This reporting gives us increased visibility into our performance, and helps us identify opportunities for improvement in an effort to provide better service to your facility or community.

Experience Customer Focused Replenishment (CFRx)

Our electronic inventory system automatically orders medications allowing our pharmacies to efficiently manage inventory and ensure medication availability.