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Tools and Resources to help you navigate COVID-19 vaccines.

Clinic two will follow the same process as clinic number one, which is outlined below. 

  • Facility Action Item: In between the first and second clinic dates, facilities will be required to upload a second Multiple Patient Upload spreadsheet into the Vaccine Clinic Scheduler, in order to register patients and employees to receive the vaccine. Facilities will need to indicate the dose for each patient and employee, including any new admissions and/or new hires.
  • One week before the second clinic date, the facility will receive another reminder phone call from the CVS Pharmacy team in order to confirm the anticipated number of participants and review any final questions/details.

Step-by-step guide to the COVID-19 vaccination clinic journey

1. Automated Email Notification with Clinic Dates

  • To accommodate all interested Long Term Care facilities and to streamline operations for a positive experience, the COVID-19 vaccine clinics through CVS Health will be automatically scheduled. The primary and secondary point of contacts at your facility will receive an automated email notification from listing pre-selected scheduled clinic dates.
  • The three pre-selected on-site clinic dates will be scheduled for your facility, for dates and times based on location, staffing, and vaccine product availability.
  • These will be arranged to accommodate the clinical requirements for the vaccine’s second dose and maximize efficacy. Two clinics will be conducted to administer both the first dose and the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, with a third clinic date scheduled as a placeholder for any new admissions or new hires in need of completing the vaccine series.


2. Delivery of Consent Form

  • A packet will be mailed directly to your facility, containing consent forms and clinic posters. You may receive multiple shipments of consent forms depending on the size and timing of your clinic.
  • An electronic, self-print version of the consent form, responsible party cover sheet, and posters are available, on the resource page if needed
  • Posters can be filled out and hung up around the building to assist with publicizing the clinic event and increase awareness.

    PLEASE NOTE: Save any additional forms that you have at the end of a clinic for the following one.
    HELPFUL TOOL: COVID 19 Vaccine Consent Process Guide.pdf


3. Clinic Confirmation

  • After receiving the initial email notifications, providing information on your facility’s vaccine clinic dates, your facility can expect to receive a confirmation phone call from the CVS Health team
  • Facilities can confirm the pre-selected clinic dates by one of the following three methods:
    • Facilities will receive a phone call from our CVS Pharmacy team at 1-800-SHOP-CVS to confirm. Our team will make three (3) attempts to reach the facility via phone.
    • If clinic date is greater than 5 days away, facility can visit our online portal Confirm My Clinic to complete the survey and move forward with clinic confirmation
    • If clinic date is 3 to 5 days away, facility should call our team at (866) 211-5678 to speak with a representative and confirm the upcoming clinic date.

      PLEASE NOTE: if clinic has not been confirmed 3 days prior to the clinic date, the clinic will be rescheduled to a new date.


4. Automated Confirmation Email

  • Once the clinic has been confirmed by one of the above methods, the primary and secondary point of contact will receive a second automated email notification from that states the upcoming clinic has been confirmed.
  • This email confirmation will also contain important information regarding next steps in the clinic process, including links to access the Vaccine Clinic Scheduler and submit Multi-Patient Registration. More information regarding this process can be found in section 6.


5. Consent Form Completion

  • Facility Action Item: Consent forms will need to be completed by each individual planning to participate in the clinic and receive a COVID-19 vaccination, including both patients and facility employees. The consent forms will collect the legal consent to receive the vaccine (either by the patient or their responsible party/POA) as well as provide insurance information for billing purposes.
  • Facility Action Item: Please have the completed consent forms AND copies of insurance cards ready for the CVS Pharmacy team member the day of your clinic. The information collected on the consent forms will also help streamline completion of the Multi Patient Upload form. More information regarding this process can be found in section 6.

    PLEASE NOTE: you must provide a photo-copied image of each participant’s insurance card, both front and back, along with their corresponding consent form.


6. Multi-Patient Registration Upload

  • In order to best plan for a successful event and accommodate all interested participants, a Multi-Patient Registration form will need to be completed and submitted into the Vaccine Clinic Scheduler prior to the clinic date.
  • This step can be accessed via the link provided in the confirmation email notification.

    PLEASE NOTE: Multi-Patient Registration form cannot be uploaded until the clinic has been confirmed.
    HELPFUL TOOL: COVID 19 Vaccine Clinic Multi-Patient Registration and Billing Guide.pdf


7. Clinic Preparation

  • One week prior to the clinic date, the facility will receive a reminder phone call from the CVS Pharmacy team in order to confirm the anticipated number of participants and review any final questions/details.
  • Prior to the clinic, the facility must provide each participant with an appointment slot with instructions to go to the clinic site at that time.
  • Facility Action Item: Please ensure all consent forms and copies of insurance cards are complete and ready prior to clinic date. The consent forms will need to be in the order in which patients receive their vaccinations.
  • For facilities holding a centralized clinic, please prepare the following clinic space requirements:
    • Have a minimum clinic space of 10ft by 10ft
    • Provide one table and two chairs for vaccine administration area with a power source
    • Please see the chart on the last page for additional clinic space requirements and recommendations.
  • For facilities offering room-to-room patient vaccinations, please prepare the following:
    • A facility colleague needs to be made available to go room-to-room with each CVS Immunizer during the entire clinic
    • Provide a rolling table or cart to carry vaccine and supplies

      PLEASE NOTE: For patients in Skilled Nursing Facilities, patients should be grouped by location for vaccination in their room.


8. Day of Clinic

  • The day of your scheduled clinic event, the CVS Pharmacy team member is expected to arrive roughly 60 minutes early, to prepare the clinic area.
  • CVS Pharmacy team will bring all supplies required to conduct the clinic, including the vaccines, supplies, PPE, and cleaning materials.
  • Facility Action Item: Please provide the completed consent forms, insurance card copies and the appointment schedule to the CVS Pharmacy team member, in the order in which the vaccinations will be given.
  • The CVS Pharmacy team member will review a series of screening questions with each participant, prior to administration of the vaccine.
  • Vaccines will be administered to patients in the order of the appointments scheduled. After administration, one copy of the completed consent form will be provided to the patient and one copy will be provided to the facility for documentation.

Options for Confirming Your Clinic

1. We call your primary point of contact

A member of our pharmacy team will call the primary point of contact we have on file three times in an attempt to confirm the clinic over the phone. 

2. You can confirm your clinic online (at least 5 days away)

In our continued efforts to provide a better customer experience, you can utilize our  online clinic confirmation tool called Confirm My Clinic. The Confirm My Clinic tool can be found at and can be utilized to confirm any upcoming clinics that are at least 5 days away.

3. You can confirm your clinic via phone (less than 5 days away)

Facilities with onsite clinics scheduled less than 5 days before execution date should NOT submit confirmation through the Confirm My Clinics tool. Instead, they should call (866) 211-5678 to help ensure successful confirmation and execution of clinic.

Need to Speak with Your Point of Contact?

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