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Thank you for selecting CVS Health as your preferred pharmacy provider to administer COVID-19 vaccines.

Have questions about your Onsite Vaccination Clinic?

Join us for our open office-hour forums, specifically for facilities that are partnering with CVS Health, where members of our team will be available to answer your questions. The town-hall-style meetings will run as a webinar with audio/video through the computer. Participating facilities will have the opportunity to ask their questions via chat during the meeting for live responses. Questions unaddressed during the call will be addressed post-webinar by your assigned points of contact.

January 19th, 1pm - 2pm EDT
January 21st, 1pm - 2pm EDT

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Options for Confirming Your Clinic

We call your primary point of contact

A member of our pharmacy team will call the primary point of contact we have on file three times in an attempt to confirm the clinic over the phone. 

You can confirm your clinic online (at least 5 days away)

In our continued efforts to provide a better customer experience, you can utilize our  online clinic confirmation tool called Confirm My Clinic. The Confirm My Clinic tool can be found at and can be utilized to confirm any upcoming clinics that are at least 5 days away.

You can confirm your clinic via phone (less than 5 days away)

Facilities with onsite clinics scheduled less than 5 days before execution date should NOT submit confirmation through the Confirm My Clinics tool. Instead, they should call (866) 211-5678 to help ensure successful confirmation and execution of clinic.


Dedicated resources to help you get started:

Consent form guide: 

Consent forms:

External vaccine resources:

    Step-by-step guide to the COVID-19 vaccination clinic journey

    1. Automated Email Notification with Clinic Dates

    • Facilities primary and secondary point of contacts will receive an automated email notification from listing pre-selected scheduled clinic dates.

    2. Delivery of Consent Forms

    • A packet will arrive in the mail, containing triplicate version consent forms and clinic posters.
    • An electronic, editable PDF version of the consent form and Responsible Party cover sheet is available, if needed

    HELPFUL TOOL: COVID 19 Vaccine Consent Process Guide.pdf

    3. Clinic Confirmation

    • The clinic confirmation window begins directly after Step 1 (Clinic Scheduling).
    • Facilities can confirm the pre-selected clinic dates by one of the following three methods:
      1. Facilities will receive a phone call from our CVS Pharmacy team at 1-800-SHOP-CVS to confirm. Our team will make three (3) attempts to reach the facility via phone.
      2. If clinic date is greater than 5 days away, facilities can visit our online portal Confirm My Clinic to complete the survey and move forward with clinic confirmation
      3. If clinic date is 3 to 5 days away, facilities should call our team at (866) 211-5678 to speak with a representative and confirm the upcoming clinic date.
    • PLEASE NOTE: if clinic has not been confirmed 3 days prior to the clinic date, the clinic will be rescheduled to a new date.

    4. Automated Confirmation Email

    • Once the clinic has been confirmed by one of the above methods, the primary and secondary point of contact will receive a second automated email notification from that states the upcoming clinic has been confirmed.
    • This email confirmation will also contain important information regarding next steps in the clinic process, including links to access the Vaccine Clinic Scheduler and submit Multi-Patient Registration.

    5. Consent Form Completion

    • Prior to the clinic date, each participant will need to complete a CVS Health COVID-19 Vaccine Intake Consent form.
    • Along with the completed consent forms, each participant will need to provide front and back photocopied images of their insurance cards.

    HELPFUL TOOL: COVID 19 Vaccine Consent Process Guide.pdf

    6. Multi-Patient Registration Upload

    • In order to best plan for a successful event and accommodate all interested participants, a Multi-Patient Registration form will need to be completed and submitted into the Vaccine Clinic Scheduler prior to the clinic date.
    • This step can be accessed via the link provided in the confirmation email notification.
    • PLEASE NOTE: Multi-Patient Registration form cannot be uploaded until the clinic has been confirmed.

    HELPFUL TOOL: COVID 19 Vaccine Clinic Multi-Patient Registration and Billing Guide.pdf

    7. Clinic Preparation

    • Please ensure all consent forms and copies of insurance cards are complete and ready prior to clinic date.
    • For facilities holding a centralized clinic, please prepare the following clinic space requirements:
      1. Have a minimum clinic space of 10ft by 10ft
      2. Provide one table and two chairs for vaccine administration area with a power source
    • For facilities offering room-to-room patient vaccinations, please prepare the following:
      1. A facility colleague needs to be made available to go room-to-room with each CVS Immunizer during the entire clinic
      2. Provide a rolling table or cart to carry vaccine and supplies

    8. Clinic Day

    • A member of our CVS Immunizer team will arrive 60 min early to prepare for the clinic.
    • We will bring all supplies required to conduct the clinic, including the vaccines, PPE, and cleaning materials.
    • After administration, one copy of the completed consent form will be provided to the patient and one copy will be provided to the facility for documentation.

    Need to Speak with Your Point of Contact?

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