COVID 19 Vaccine Resources

Three unique solutions for accessing COVID-19 vaccine

With the conclusion of the Federal LTC Pharmacy Partnership Program, Omnicare has recognized the need for our valued customers to have continuing access to the COVID-19 vaccine.

We are pleased to announce three unique programs to Omnicare customers:

  1. Ambulatory Model: preferred access to CVS retail in-store vaccine appointments at select participating locations
  2. Distribution Model: vaccine delivery by standard ordering processes through Omnicare’s operational footprint
  3. On-site Clinic Model: on-site vaccine services for both residents and employees, via a CVS Pharmacy led clinic model

COVID-19 Vaccine Program: Ambulatory Model

Eligible newly-hired or unvaccinated staff members and newly-admitted, ambulatory residents can schedule in-store COVID-19 vaccination appointments at CVS Pharmacy locations. 

Appointment Scheduling Made Easy

Omnicare Phone Line is available Monday through Friday,
9:00AM – 6:00PM EST

STEP 1: Call to speak with one of our team members who will assist with setting up an in-store COVID-19 vaccine appointment.

STEP 2: Answer a series of screening questions to confirm eligibility and provide patient information.

STEP 3: Select preferred appointment date(s) and time(s). Once complete, we’ll send a confirmation email.

Omnicare Customers: staff and residents can call 1-877-652-0918 to schedule in-store appointments


COVID-19 Vaccine Program: Distribution Model

Omnicare facilities are able to utilize standard ordering processes to request vials of COVID-19 vaccine through Omnicare pharmacies.

In conjunction with the CDC, Omnicare has been added to the Federal LTC Partnership program which now allows vaccine access through Omnicare, at no out-of-pocket expense to the patient, to support eligible individuals in LTC facilities.

The LTC facility is responsible for administration of the vaccine, while Omnicare manages delivery logistics and vaccination reporting.

Omnicare COVID-19 Distribution Model

COVID-19 Vaccine Program: On-site Clinic Model

A CVS Pharmacy® led offering

Making it easier to move forward

Along with testing, vaccinations will continue to play a critical role in controlling the coronavirus for the foreseeable future. As a leading provider of COVID-19 vaccinations, you can count on us to help protect the health and safety of your residents and staff.

Setting the standard for convenience

This program offers a standard, on-site vaccination clinic that includes CVS Pharmacy® immunizers at your location. Ensuring the safety of your facility is our top priority. All of our vaccination solutions strictly adhere to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines and existing COVID‑19 protocols.

Current criteria include a minimum of 48 participants per clinic, for ages 12 and up, and location must be within 75 miles of a CVS Pharmacy® in the same state.

Visit for more information and clinic scheduling