COVID 19 Vaccine Resources

Omnicare is committed to the ongoing health and safety of those we serve.

For our customers, we offer the following models to facilitate COVID-19 vaccine access for your facilities, staff and residents:

  • Ambulatory Model: preferred access to CVS retail in-store vaccine appointments at select participating locations
  • Distribution Model: vaccine delivery by standard ordering processes through Omnicare’s operational footprint

COVID-19 Vaccine Program: Ambulatory Model

For all eligible** staff members and ambulatory residents, we are now offering COVID-19 vaccinations and Pfizer booster vaccinations in select CVS Pharmacy locations by appointment.

Scan the QR code or follow the link below to complete the self-entry process online. 

- OR –

Call 1-877-652-0918 M-F, 9:00AM – 6:00PM EST to speak with one of our team members who will assist with setting up your in-store COVID-19 vaccine appointment. 

** Patient must be eligible under ACIP guidelines

COVID-19 Scheduling Tool

Scan this QR code or click the link below to complete the self-entry process online.

COVID-19 Vaccine Program: Distribution Model

The Distribution Model is the quickest way to ensure vaccinations, providing you vaccine delivery through our established pharmacy networks. For those who currently utilize our distribution process for COVID-19 vaccine access, no new contract is required.  If you are not currently utilizing our distribution process for COVID-19 vaccine and are interested in doing so, please contact your Account Manager for more information.

Key Distribution Model Reminders:

  • Pfizer Booster orders can begin on Monday, September 27th
    Prior to placing your request, please plan vaccine ordering and clinic administration carefully. Only order what vaccine you can actively administer and report back on within same day of receipt.
  • Facility faxes COVID-19 purchase order to Omnicare
    To facilitate all access requirements and logistics, we request as much lead time in your ordering as possible but require a minimum 2 business days in advance of product distribution.
  • Same-day Clinic Reporting
    Facility faxes accurate information post-administration to Omnicare for required documentation and reporting (including patient consent and/or waste information.)
  • Unused Vaccine Disposal
    Facility returns any unused/expired doses to Omnicare to meet government returns requirements.

Omnicare COVID-19 Distribution Model

COVID-19 Vaccine Program: On-site Clinic Model

At this time, CVS Pharmacy is no longer accepting on-site vaccine clinic requests.

  • When we are able to accept requests, we will update this page.

For more information visit: