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Reports & Analysis

Financial reporting in Omniview gives facility staff important perspective on pharmacy costs. Many reports highlight trends and can even project mid-year estimates and reconcile data from different budget periods. Reports offer strategic global and long-range views into facility finances, and provide windows into utilization details and patient transactions. Larger organizations with multiple locations will benefit from Omniview's ability to show data for the entire organization or for particular units.

Aggregated Reports Take the Guesswork out of Decision Making
Omniview's aggregated clinical and financial management reports show facility staff the impact of implemented cost-saving measures over time. Omniview stores and calculates important measures on up to 15 months of rolling financial and clinical data.

Critical Information Is Always Available with Easy Access to Consultant Pharmacist Reports
The facility's current Consultant Pharmacist report - and all previous reports - are always available on Omniview. View online or print as needed.

  • Interim Medication Regimen Reviews
  • Monthly Drug Regimen Reviews
  • Monthly Visit Summaries
  • Trend Reports

Control Drug Spending with Utilization Reports
Prescription medications are a large cost, but Omniview helps facilites control those costs with detailed utilization reports that highlight several key measures:

  • Amount Spent
    See clearly where the bulk of pharmacy budget goes
  • Number of Transactions
    Sort by the number of transactions to identify possible over-utilization
  • Alpha Sort and "OTC Drug"
    Quickly find the exact medication needed
  • Detail Views
    Drug indications and links to individual patient transactions are available directly from Omniview utilization reports

Reports & Analysis

Consultant Pharmacists submit their Medication Regimen Reviews, Interim Medication Regimen Reviews (short-stay and change of condition residents) AND their Quality Improvement Checklist to Omniview after each month's facility visit.

Medication Regimen Review Medication Regimen Review Quality Imrprovement Checklist Quality Improvement Checklist Interim Medication Regiment Review Interim Medication Regiment Review



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