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Pre-Admission Assessment

Omniview is more than an integral part of care for current residents. It is also an invaluable tool prior to admission of new residents. With Omniview Admissions Preview, facility staff can execute a pre-admission evaluation of prospective residents and create a cost-effective plan for care.

Omniview Admissions Preview allows facility staff to:

  • View "real" pharmacy costs
  • Calculate daily supplies
  • Receive notification of adverse reactions and interactions
  • Identify regulatory information and Federal indicators
  • Reconcile costs with projected reimbursement
  • See highest-cost items
  • Identify therapeutic interchanges and generic substitutions
  • Analyze IV costs over the projected duration of therapy
  • Preview a prospective resident's drug costs in comparison to projected RUGs score and reimbursement, as a percentage of revenue, as total dollar cost or on a cost-per-day basis
  • See clinical notes and recommended precautionary measures

When it comes to cost-effective practices, risk management, and optimal patient care, the capability to accurately forecast and plan care strategies can be critical. Omniview gives facilities the most accessible, informative, in-depth tools in the industry, allowing facility staff to have the information that they need to make better decisions, sooner. And that's a capability that will mutually benefit the facility, as well as every resident under the facility's care.

 Pre-Admission Assessment Preview



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