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Medicare Part D Reject Resolution

Medicare Part D Reject ResolutionOmniview enables care center staff to take action on, and review the status of, rejected Medicare Part D claims through its Reject Resolution Center. Should the pharmacy receive an order that is not covered by the resident's third party payer plan, the pharmacy will enter the reject issue into Omniview and a designated facility staff member will receive an email notification. After logging into Omniview, the facility can choose an appropriate response to address the situation and communicate this to the pharmacy, who will then act at the facility's direction. Omniview designates the coverage issue as resolved once payment authorization has been received from the third party plan, or the facility.

The Reject Resolution Center stores the history of communication between the pharmacy and the facility, and allows the facility to check the progress of the rejected claim as it moves through the system.

Medicare Part D Reject Resolution Preview


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