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eRefill & Med Orders

A computer with access to the Internet and an inexpensive handheld scanner allow refills to be entered at the point of care, without entering data by hand. Scanners capture accurate prescription information, care staff review and approve the request, and the order is sent automatically to the pharmacy's workflow.

  • Fast eRefill orders with immediate on-screen confirmation
  • No faxing or manual data entry (for routine medications)
  • Track order processing and delivery status
  • Review status of rejected Med D claims

Anytime of night or day, Omniview will provide clear statements about
the status of medication orders.


Omniview's Order Status Responses
Refill Request Received The pharmacy is filling this order.
Refill too Soon The order was placed too early. It's being held until it's eligible and will then be refilled.
Invalid Rx Number The pharmacy doesn't recognize the Rx number you've transmitted. You'll need to submit a different number or follow up by phone or no refill will be processed.
Cancelled This order was cancelled.
Pharmacy Follow-Up Required There's an issue with this order. You must discuss with the pharmacy to resolve the problem before the order can be filled.
Shipped The order is in the tote and on its way.



eRefill & Med Orders

E-refills at Point-of-Care
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