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Omnicare Mobile Pharmacy App
The Omnicare Mobile Pharmacy App empowers facility staff to complete critical pharmacy transactions and monitor status conveniently from a mobile device. This provides your staff with the information they need to most effectively manage care for their patients. The app allows staff to:
  • Input Refills Easily on Mobile - Facility staff can scan and securely submit up to 10 medications at once using the scan to refill functionality.
  • Receive Instant Notifications - Immediate order confirmation or alert of issues with processing refill, refill too soon, insufficient quantity remaining, etc.
Quick and Secure Access Now. Easy to Use.
The Omnicare mobile pharmacy app is easy to set up, and simple for your staff to use. Users simply:
  1. Download the free app to their devices
  2. Log in to the App using their existing Omniview username and password*
  3. Use their device to scan and submit medication refills and receive notifications
When your pharmacy transactions are conducted through digital channels like our app your staff has greater visibility to order status, resulting in fewer calls to the pharmacy for follow-up and more timely notifications of potential order issues. Omnicare is then able to process your orders more efficiently, and deliver medication to your residents when they need it most.

The Omnicare Mobile App is not applicable for all users. Please contact your Omnicare Account representative to learn more.

*Staff not currently registered on Omniview will need to complete Omniview Registration in order to use the Omnicare Mobile Pharmacy app

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