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Assisted Living

With the ever-changing needs of residents and the complexity of managing licensure and compliance requirements, it's important to have a partner who knows the business of Assisted Living. As a trusted senior care pharmacy provider for three decades, Omnicare works with Assisted Living facilities to provide the right blend of practical and innovative solutions designed to enhance care giving and support staff in virtually every aspect of their work.

Omnicare offers several resources to help Assisted Living facilities enhance the care of their residents and the efficiency of their operations.

Pharmacy Expertise
Omnicare Pharmacy works to deliver the most effective regimen for each individual. Checks and safeguards are built into our system to ensure that each day's medications are packaged appropriately for accuracy.  Omnicare's clinical consultant pharmacists are also available to conduct educational seminars, assist with survey preparation and perform medication regimen reviews.

Staff-Building Education
Omnicare's education programs help nurses and assistants develop insight and practical knowledge that promotes well-being within facilities. Our programs include:


  • Dementia
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Formulary Management
  • Heart Failure & Stroke
  • Hypertension
  • Osteoporosis/Fracture Prevention/Fall Risk Management

Electronic and Web-Based Administrative Solutions
Through our experience with assisted living, Omnicare has developed a wide range of electronic administrative applications to simplify many aspects of the assisted living business.  A key example is Omniview, a web-based worksite that is provided to Omnicare Pharmacy Services customers as part of our standard offering. Omniview enables fast, easy prescription requests and refills, conflict resolution, bill access, utilization analysis, consultant reports, and a variety of resources and full records of all medications delivered to a facility.  Omnicare also provides MyOmniview for Assisted Living facilities.  Specific to residents and/or their responsible parties, MyOmniview is a secure web portal designed to put important health information at user's fingertips.  With MyOmniview, residents and/or their families can receive and pay pharmacy bills, maintain and print medical records, access reference libraries, and 'Ask a Pharmacist'.

Expert Licensure and Medicare Part D Assistance
Decades of collaboration with state and national licensure agencies enables Omnicare to build compliance awareness into all of our education programs and electronic administrative applications.  We provide support for Medicare Part D and have experience navigating the complicated reimbursement process.


Assisted Living


Understanding the unique needs of your community allows us to build a solution that's right for you.


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