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Omnicare believes that long-term care residents are a unique, ever-changing population. As our country ages, the information specific to providing care to the elderly is always evolving, which requires dedicated individuals with specialized knowledge, skills, and compassion. Toward that end, Omnicare is pleased to offer access to educational programs for long-term care nurses, administrators, and others through mmLearn.org®, a not-for- profit training institute dedicated to improving the care of older adults. While some future programs may offer continuing education (CE) credit for nurses and administrators, all programs provide education that is timely and relevant for individuals working in the long-term care setting. By clicking on the link below, you will be directed to the mmLearn.org© website, where you will be able to access this training.

Additional high-quality educational programs are also available through our consultant pharmacists and nurses.

NOTE: Please make sure your computer's sound is turned on and the volume is turned up before viewing the videos.


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